JASLAR PEARL is for individuals designed to disrupt rules formed in this society. We strive off doubt and disbelief of others to achieve the impossible and construct our own rules without boundaries.


The brand is a contrivance of Jaslar Pearl, a talented young designer who created the brand as he saw a void in the industry, and created a brand that consists of accessional design and meaning.

The brand makes mostly exclusive garments that will never be reproduced to stop saturation in the field of lifestyle couture.

Jaslar Pearl focus’s on making things fresh and new rather than focussing on trends. Each garment is designed to refresh the industry to make something interesting. The vibe is Jaslar Pearls personal touches.

Each garment comes with certain details that determine a specific fit, from modern prints with clean embroidery, vintage washes and dedicated design techniques.

The brands focus lies within encouraging the "Dream Chasin" Lifestyle in a form of motivation in ways of design and capturing vibes in what is sold.

Construct our own path beyond the zone of comfort.


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