This section of the website will be used for movie suggestions. There will be regular updates made with a new movie each month. The movies chosen will be different categories each month but worth the watch non the less. If you have any movie suggestions make sure to send them through on our "contact" page. 


Dragon Ball Super: Broly

September, 2021

With the rise and rise of anime, Dragon Ball Super: Broly triumphs on every front. With some of the best animations in an anime movie to date the movie takes fans on on a journey following the story of one of the universes favourite antagonists/misguided anti-hero. The movie presents a new plot whilst also filling in gaps packed with action and plenty of surprises. If your a fan of anime definitely check out the film.


Look Mom I Can Fly

November, 2020

Considering Covid-19 and the cancellation of live music events and festivals, watching this documentary might be the closest we can get for now. Look Mom I Can Fly follows the journey of the famed Houston rapper Travis Scott. The 2019 documentary is an extremely wholesome film shows Scotts unique process to the way he performs and makes music and that hard work and determination can really pay off.

American Sniper

October, 2020

American Sniper is a 2014 biographical U.S war film based on the memoir of Chris Kyle, "the most lethal sniper in u.s military history". The Oscar nominated film is directed by cowboy Clint Eastwood who does well to keep the movie uncluttered and confident. Bradley Cooper who plays Kyle shines throughout the film which is predominately a performance-based film. Over all a interesting film to watch.

Beverly Hills Cop

September, 2020

This is one of Eddie Murphy’s best movies no doubt. Not only is it hilarious to see detective Axel Foley( talk his way through almost anything and use his unorthodox detective work to try solve the trouble he often finds himself in but also leaves you wondering what’s really going on in the crime world of Beverly Hills. The film is based and filmed in the 80s but still holds it’s own in today’s cinema.

If you like this one there is a Beverly Hills cop 2 & 3 which follows Axel solving other cases. 




August, 2020

Good fellas is a directional masterpiece, the film stands out in all areas including visual, auditory and narrative excellence. This is the reason why it is described as a “classic”. Based on Nicholas Pileggi's book Wiseguys, Good Fellas is based on the real-life story of Henry Hill (Ray Liotta). Hill is a young Irish-Italian gangster who grew up as a foot soldier in the dynamic city of New York. He later finds himself in more and more trouble loosing his motivation for a life of crime and the lure of the underground world in New York diminishes.  



July, 2020

To kick things of for our new segment with all the racial injustice going on in the world we thought this movie would be a great way to put things in to perspective. 42 is based in 1947 when Jackie Robinson a baseball player, goes from the Kansas City Monarchs in the Negro League to the Brooklyn Dodgers and becomes the first ever African American Major League Baseball player. In the film Jackie doesn't take too kindly to racism to begin with, but now is on a higher platform facing greater racist hostility. It isn't perfect but it definitely is inspiring and very entertaining whilst being historically accurate, 42 is a must watch.