Flyest In The Room

Flyest in the room is Jaslar Pearls interpretation of a music festival based in Queensland, Australia. Our first show was in December 2019 at Mo's Desert Clubhouse in Burleigh where he showcased his first collection that released a month earlier. With a stacked line up of local talents the music played at Flyest in the room is mostly different styles of Rap, Hip Hop & RnB.
The reason we hold this event is different to the stereotypical reasons of any other music festival. We hold this event in order to support our community and the talents of small artists that wouldn't usually have the chance to perform at a music festival. Utilising the platform of the brand in order to help launch up and coming musicians careers. 
The name "Flyest In The Room" comes from the first few bars in Mac Millers 2011 song "Donald Trump". "The flyest muthaf**ka' in the room Yeah, you know it's me, B*tches hating on him, 'cause he started out here locally". The song generally defines the event on how we want these local talents to "take over the world" and reach their dreams. RIP Malcolm James McCormick
Due to Covid-19 and gathering restrictions we are doing our best to make sure this years event is as safe as possible as everyones safety is our top concern. We are working on bringing to you a show thats bigger and better than last years and as entertaining as possible. We are working on a killer line up and will reveal more information when we know more about restrictions in December. In the meantime check out this curated playlist of last years artists.