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Summer 19


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Flyest In The Room

This event is built on collaboration with “Jaslar Pearl’s” first collection and young creatives from the Gold Coast. Doors opening at 7PM, we invite you to a night of great new music, dancing, drinking and socialising in a one of a kind Gold Coast performance introducing you to local artists as we take you through various styles of hip hop music.

Throughout the night will be instalments and sounds from Drippy K a rising star melodic rapper you might have seen performing shows around QLD, local to the Gold Coast with beats and sounds you can vibe all night to. Solja Baby & Jimmy Yox two lyrically advanced veterans you have likely heard of take the stage together to perform their new music as well as old tracks, this is one Gold Coast set you need to see. Lil dime the most hype trap artist on the Gold Coast, his music described as dark and hard will be debuting never before heard music. We are ecstatic to also be featuring a group you may have heard of, Gold $auce as this is the first show with the newest edition SMKY. Billy Risk, Twatty and SMKY have their own unique styles which sets them apart from other groups. This is a force to be reckoned with, there is no other group like Gold $auce, you have got to see them live!

Instagram and facebook: @Jaslarpearl